Acer palmatum ‘Cascade Ruby, WEEPING ACER. Dwarf Tree.


Acer Trees make an ideal stand alone specimen plant, or could be used in a mixed border or woodland garden. Try combining it with other Japanese Maples, rhododendrons, Pieris and azaleas to create a really oriental feel.

If you have a generous sized planter, it will also be very much at home, perfect for positioning in a variety of locations and used as an accent plant on patios and terraces.


Acer cascade ruby Acer palmatum Cascade Ruby is very easy to grow and a vigorous strong Japanese Maple variety – do not expect it to grow upright, but do enjoy its weeping cascading habit. Supplied as an established, grafted weeping tree at around 80-90 CM tall in an approx. 3 litre containers, these are are vigorous specimens and will make an immediate impact where ever they are planted.
When Fully Grown 120 cm
position in partial shade. Leaf colour will be more impressive when grown in a slightly shaded area, but it will tolerate full sun if soil conditions are moist enough.
image  of full grown plant


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