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Plum Royale

An evergreen plant with large and shiny purple foliage that fades to silver with a hint of purple in winter. In spring and summer it produces clusters of bell-shaped pink flowers.

Peach Flambe

Peach Flambe produces bright peach-coloured foliage that darkens to plum in winter. Flowers are white and bell-shaped, growing from arching red stems throughout the summer.

Ruby Bells

This variety sports glossy green leaves that form a dense and compact mound. In summer the plant produces large blood-red flowers with a sweet and delicate fragrance.

Chocolate Ruffles

With deep maroon to chocolate coloured leaves, Chocolate Ruffles has a unique look. The heavily ruffled edges of the leaves reveal the vibrant purple underneath. With flowering purple spikes up to 80cm tall, it produces a vibrant display of small purple flowers.

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