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Privacy Policy of Plants on Broadway Road Nurseries Ltd

Plants on Broadway values its customer’s privacy and is committed to using their information wisely. Our privacy policy outlines the collection, use, storage, and sharing of personal data collected from our customers.

Data Collection:

Plants on Broadway may collect personal data provided directly by customers, such as reference details, financial information, and demographic details. Furthermore, we collect information automatically due to transactions and service usage, such as transaction data, log data, and cookie data.

Data Usage:

Plants on Broadway uses the data it gathers to improve customer satisfaction, stop fraud, deliver customer support, and inform customers about deals and events. The data is also evaluated to understand consumer behaviour and tailor content better.

Data Storage and Sharing:

Customer details are kept from exterior parties by Plants on Broadway. Content is only disclosed to secure third parties under certain conditions to enhance user experience, complete transactions, and satisfy legal requests. Customer data may be shared and encoded with these sites, which our website uses for analytics and publicity purposes.

Access and Control of Information:

Customers can access, amend, and get rid of the private data that Plants on Broadway has about them. By visiting the proper websites or changing their browser settings, users can also choose not to receive emails from certain parties or from seeing personalized adverts.


Plants on Broadway is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of its clients and handling their data with care. Customers understand and accept this privacy policy’s conditions by using our services.

If you need garden plants or artificial plants, call us on 07967 193 587.