Japanese weeping maple Acer ryusen Dwarf garden plant . container or pot 30-45 cm



Brand: Japanese maple Acer ryusen 19 cm pot 30-45cm approamatley
Ryusen (or Ryusei) is a unique Japanese maple of strictly weeping habit with palmatum leaves not dissected .It was found as a natural mutation of one whole plant in Japanese maple nursery in Kawaguchi City in 1990. Its founder Kahuzara Kobayashi named it Ryusen (flowing or falling water) whereas its former provisional name, in my view a little more accurate, was Ryusei (falling star).

    < sun-resistant of the Japanese Maples

    Fully cascading form for a bank or over a wall

    Can be staked into a weeping tree

    Fall riot of orange and red foliage

    Very adaptable and easy to grow

    strong>Hight –  75cm x 75cm

Sun or shade

Well drained soil


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