Acer Tree 19 cm pot palmatum’ Ukigumo.the ice cream tree (Copy)


Acer tree Japanese-maple palmatum’Ukigumo
white leaves, with just a delicate flush of pink. As these unique coloured leaves mature they become green with white markings in summer, and by autumn they are in shades of bright peach and deep red


White and pink speckles. The Japanese maple ‘Ukigomo’ (Acer palmatum) is a must-have! The cheerfully decorated leaves are green with white and pink speckles.  This means you can enjoy the bright coloured leaves of the maple again next year!
prune march Time. Then remove dead or protruding branches. Plant the Acer somewhere in partial shade. Water the plant sparingly. Water it more during dry periods. The maple needs well-drained soil.

All our Japanese maples are pruned back,

In the autumn,so they will produce new branches

In the spring,


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