Acer Sango kaku coral red bark 4 -5 year old


Acer Sango kaku 4 year OLD 19cm bark. In winter.soft shades of yellow in fall.
pink young growth and yellow/orange, deeply lobed new foliage in the spring.


Acer Sango kaku 4 year19cm bark. In winter.soft shades of yellow in fall.
‘Sango-kaku’ 4-5 years old
is the most well known Coral Bark Maple tree, renowned for its striking coral pink-red stems. Producing
the leaves turn a lush green in summer and then a pretty soft yellow in autumn.
Position: lightly, dappled shade Soil: fertile, moist, well-drained neutral to acid soil Rate of growth: slow-growing Flowering period: April to May Hardiness: fully hardy
Japanese maples are (deciduous) not evergreen, are small trees and are grown for their graceful habit in spring and autumn,

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