Acer palmatum ‘Summer Gold’ japanese maple vibrant golden-yellow foliage,14cm pot £22.99


Gold, Lime green in summer, scarlet red in autumn. Great choice light lime green in summer whilst majority of insolated foliage remains golden yellow. The best show, however, kicks off in autumn when they slowly turn coral orange, salmon pink, and later scarlet and carmine red. The progress of changing colours throughout the whole plant


‘Summer Gold’ _ ‘Summer Gold’ is an upright, rounded, branching, deciduous shrub or very small tree with toothed, deeply lobed leaves, light green in spring, golden-yellow in summer, and yellow coral orange, salmon pink, and later scarlet and carmine autumn a jjapanese jewl in the garden.

Light Needs: Full Sun or Mostly Sun, Morning Sun with Dappled or Afternoon Shade, All Day Filtered Sun, Morning Shade with Evening Sun
Water Needs: Average, moderately drought tolerant when established
Soil Type: Sandy, Loam & Clay (Condition heavy clay soils when planting)
Drainage: Well drained soil is a must!
Soil pH: 5.0 – 7.0


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