Acer – Hime Shijo rare dwarf Japanese Maple bright red new growth much of the year 19cm pot £34.99


rare Acer palmatum ‘Hime shojo’dwarf japanese maple classic dark maroon that the Japanese refer to as shojo. This continues much of the summer, great for patio pots or a small boarder sold in 19cm pot £25.99

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Acer – Hime Shijo rare dwarf Japanese Maple.
bright color in small spaces. Miniature in stature Acer palmatum ‘Hime shojo’ makes a great patio planter or even a dramatic small leafed red bonsai. This hard to find cultivar is highly sought after world wide. Unique in its size and color this rare Japanese maple only grows six feet high by five feet wide in fifteen years making it truly special.

‘Hime’ means that the tree has smaller leaves, while ‘shojo’ describes it’s deep maroon summer color.
full hight 100-140cm
width 80-120 cm

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