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Double Decker

Unusual purple-red flowers make this variety distinctive. Growing to around 60cm tall, it produces single flowers initially, many of which develop secondary blooms as the season progresses.

Echinacea Magnus

Large and vigorous, this variety of echinacea grows up to 80cm tall. The petals of its large and impressive flowers remain flat rather than curving backwards like most echinacea varieties. Blooms are generally purple-red in colour.

Kim’s Kneew High

A small and beautiful variety, Kim’s Knee High are easy to grow and stand approximately 45cm high. Petals are a soft purple colour, while the centre of each bloom is a striking orange-red.

Pink Double Delight

Pink Double Delight grows to around 60cm and produces well-branched sturdy flowering stems that are idea for cuttings. This variety thrives in hot environments and flowers for up to three months.

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